Genchi Genbutsu

Genchi Genbutsu means in English go and see for yourself. It’s a well-known fact, that the best solution for a problem can be found, in the exact right location, where the actual work is being performed. Anomalies can be fixed more quickly and efficiently on the shop floor with analysis and product tests. Before being solved, every deviation needs correctly understood.
Nowadays, many companies practicing this principle, on the very first day, with new employees. Depends on the position they are hired, they will go through all the production steps regarding the product.
It doesn’t matter the person is an engineer or an assembler. For every member on the shop floor, it needs to be clear, how the product is made, and also their involvement in the process flow.
In this way, they will understand how their tasks will affect the following processes.

It is very important, as an engineer, to be present in production, observe and understand every detail in the lifecycle of the product. A process to improve, first, you need to know all the variables of the processes, that influence the product’s quality.
In this way, new methods can be found for helping operators and eliminating unnecessary movements.


Nemawashi represents an important step in decision making. It means information sharing with the employees about the decision that will be made. In this way, employees are involved in this process seeking the company for their opinion about the changes.
Before taking a decision, it is essential, to get as many opinions as we can, to analyze the roots from many sides. This is also part of the continuous improvement, sharing ideas, and listening carefully to the workers’ great ideas.

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