Jidoka is a combination of automation and human intelligence. Equipment is designed to stop automatically and detect problems. Jidoka method is related to Andon because the operator is equipped with the means to supervise the production and to stop whenever they observe something suspicious.

An example for Jidoka would be, an automatic welding line, where every nugget (joint) is welded at a different station. If a component is missing from the plastic body it’s obvious the station can’t weld the wire with the component (see example below).

1. Component
2. Wire
3. Nugget (joint)

The welding line will stop automatic because of the sensor responsible for measuring the distance, between the wire and the component. The measured distance is below the acceptable value, the reason being the missing component. The adjuster, as a supervisor, examines immediately the situation and stops the line to prevent other defects. In this situation, the sensor give signals about abnormality but exists situations when machinery is not enough. When the temperature in the department, is higher than expected, the electrodes burning out faster. At that moment is required a human touch, to solve the problem. The adjuster observing the smoke during welding, so he can stop the process immediately. The solution is simple, the electrodes need to be changed.

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