Andon is a system that notifies management, production, and operators about a technical, or a quality problem. It allows employees to stop a process, machine in work if the quality of the product is affected. A visual sign shows immediately where the action is required. This alert is usually a button, a pull-chord or an automatic system. The alert is shown by warning lights. The work is stopped until a solution has been found.

1. Light warning
2. Button to stop the process
3. Andon display board

Andon lights color meaning:

  • Green- Station operational
  • Yellow- Need assistance
  • Red- Line stop

Beside these colors it can appear also a blue light, which means ”Need material”.

Andon display board

Usually, alerts are logged in a database for traceability and continuous improvement processes.

In conclusion, this method assures the producer for the same quality for each product, helps engineers in testing new products, machines or processes, and moving forward show the major problems in production.

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